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“Exploring Family Mediation“

The Law School Show, October 20, 2022

In this episode, Host Nick Kruiper sits down with lawyer Christopher Deeble. Nick asks Christopher about his early history at the University of Ottawa, and how his education lured him toward alternative dispute resolutions mechanisms in family law. They then discuss Christopher’s career, and how he has applied this knowledge to his practice.

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“Trying to Lessen the Stresses of Divorce”

Host Dylan Black, Daytime Rogers TV

Christopher Deeble from the Ottawa Chapter of the Ontario Association of Family Mediation is joined by Christopher Arnold from the Ontario Collaborative Law Federation to share details on how Bill C-78 will make changes to the Divorce Act.


“Finding Resolutions to Family Conflicts”

Fifty-Five Plus Magazine

Canada’s population is greying. In fact, the fastest growing segment of Canadian society is those aged 85 years and over. Between 2001 and 2031, the number of centenarians will more than quadruple. The projected health burden of dementia for Canada between 2008 and 2038 is staggering. In 2038, more than a quarter million cases of dementia will be …

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“Home When You Need It”

Fifty-Five Plus Magazine

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and twospirited (LGBTQ2S+) people are citizens who have contributed meaningfully to society. They have paid income taxes over their lifetimes that have contributed to long-term care (LTC) facilities. LGBTQ2S+ seniors have the right to age with dignity and without discrimination. LGBTQ2S+ older adults are concerned with who will take care of them in their later years, particularly with respect to home care and LTC homes …

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“In family law, do courts treat mothers and fathers differently?”

Canadian Lawyer Magazine, 28 April 2022

Family law deals with legal disputes that are unusually multi-faceted, says Christopher Deeble, a lawyer at Nelligan Law. Just one divorce can involve a dispute over the terms of a domestic contract, parenting schedules, spousal support, division of property or equalization of the value of the family property. “And all of that has to get sorted out before you can divorce,” he says…

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“Court orders mother misinformed about vaccine dangers to not tell children vaccines are unsafe”

Canadian Lawyer Magazine, 4 March 2021

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has overturned an arbitrator’s decision that it would be in the children’s best interests not to be vaccinated and has directed the mother to refrain from suggesting to the children that vaccines are ineffective. In A.P. v. L.K., 2021 ONSC 150, the parties, who married in 2001 …

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