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Father and child at the beach
Father and child at the beach

Family Law

Equitable Solutions Tailored To You

Separation and divorce are complicated

  • Parenting, property division, and support are very different areas of law
  • Some laws are federal; other laws are provincial
  • Some laws are settled, others are not. Unsettled law is unpredictable
  • Some laws that apply to married spouses are different from the laws that apply to unmarried (or common law) spouses
  • Other laws that apply to married spouses are the same as for unmarried spouses
  • Court terminology is archaic and hard to understand
  • Court processes are both formal and unclear

I help individuals and families save time and money, as well as protect children as their families re-organize.

Outcomes in family court are notoriously difficult to predict. Court is terribly expensive – most people would rather hold on to their money.

I have a toolkit brimming with expertise to help you get reasonably priced results.

Collaborative Family Law

In 2020, the Divorce Act of Canada was amended to encourage separating spouses to consider using out-of-court dispute resolution like Collaborative Family Law because it is cheaper, faster, and causes less trauma to children than court.

Collaborative Family Law brings together child and financial specialists, family professionals, and other experts all working on your team.  Having a team working in real time is cheaper and faster than court.

Chris is a member of Collaborative Divorce Ottawa.

New Ways for Families®

Some people like to escalate the conflict in a family breakdown.  Conflict takes its toll on spouses and children, it wastes the time and resources of everyone involved.

Lawyers trained in New Ways for Families® have techniques for de-escalating such high-conflict personalities.

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